Map Your Patent Utilization and Implement Virtual Patent Marking

PatentStatus offers two secure, cloud-hosted software solutions for corporation IP counsel. You can map patent-to-product relationships to understand and track patent utilization. We also offer the only turn-key solution to publish a virtual patent marking registry on your website.

Let us demonstrate what we can do to help you leverage your IP portfolio's utilization.

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Implement Virtual Marking

Learn how our Virtual Patent Marking Software is the fastest, most cost effective tool available on the market today to launch a virtual patent marking strategy. Save time and money vs. building an in-house solution. Be courtroom-ready. Learn more.

Track Patent Utilization

How many of your patents are you currently using? Map your patent-to-product and part relationships with our Patent Mapping & Utilization Software so that you can make better business decisions  about how you'll leverage your IP. Learn more.

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