About PatentStatus

The PatentStatus team creates highly intuitive, secure, web-based software to help corporations better leverage their IP assets.

Our software platforms enable corporations to better understand patent utilization and to collaborate with other teams within their company to optimize their IP strategies. We are the first and only company to offer a turn-key service for companies to implement a virtual patent marking strategy, the new patent marking method made possible by the America Invents Act.

Two primary software products

  1. Patent Mapping & Utilization Software was specifically designed for corporate counsel and their product teams to track and manage patent-to-product and patent-to-part relationships. As a result of using our software our clients can make better business decisions regarding their patent strategy, including reviewing costs for maintenance, understanding which IP has no current use, and identifying which products lack IP protection.
  2. Virtual Patent Marking Software is the fastest, most cost effective tool available on the market today to launch a virtual patent marking strategy. Clients can save time and money vs. building an in-house solution while being both courtroom-ready and USPTO compliant.


Created by IP Attorneys for IP Attorneys

Our software was designed with input and advice from leading patent attorneys serving Fortune 5000 clients. By continually collaborating with real-world legal practitioners, we are committed to continually improving our software to meet the days of today’s intellectual property attorney and corporate counsel.

About the company

PatentStatus LLC is a Limited Liability Corporation registered in Indiana with headquarters in Indianapolis, IN. We are a private company with financial backing from a variety of private equity groups including:

Collina Ventures