How should a virtual marking web site be organized?

James Burnes

Article written by:

James Burnes

PatentStatus - Founder & CEO

Section 16 of the America Invents Act does not contain any specific guidelines for the design and content organization of a virtual marking registry.

More than 100 registries have launched in the first year since virtual marking was an option. The most popular types of formats published thus far are:

  • Downloadable document.
  • Landing page list.
  • Browsable directory.
  • Searchable registry.

Downloadable documents. The virtual marking URL points to a downloadable document, typically a PDF-format, that lists products and patents.

Landing Page List. A listing of patent-to-product relationships on a single page. These landing page registries typically list products by brand or model name followed by an individual listing of related patents.

Browsable Directory. A variation to the landing page list format offers a directory of products where the initial registry “homepage” lists the product name as a link to a second “inside” page, which lists related patents to that product.

Searchable Registry. Rather than providing a massive, comprehensive list of product names and model numbers, the consumer or competitor visits the virtual marking registry and can search by key word to find a specific product and related patents.

There are several third party services that offer virtual marking software. Learn about the risks and considerations when using a third party service as well as what considerations you should make when designing and building a virtual marking registry.