What key features should be included in a virtual marking solution?

James Burnes

Article written by:

James Burnes

PatentStatus - Founder & CEO

The construction and creation of a virtual marking registry can be a time consuming hurdle for counsel who seek to implement a virtual marking strategy.  There are a variety of external vendors, including PatentStatus, that offer virtual marking solutions.

The five most important features in constructing a virtual marking registry are:

  1. Ease in finding the exact product claims.
  2. Registry security against hacking.
  3. A system to track the history of claims published in the registry.
  4. A system to track and prove the registry is always available.
  5. A log of visitor activity on the registry.

The patentee should focus on data integrity, ease of integration with existing IP and ERP systems and a long-term low-cost of maintenance.