Should companies use unique virtual patent markings for each brand?

James Burnes

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James Burnes

PatentStatus - Founder & CEO

For patentees who own multiple prominent or standalone brands, it is plausible that having each brand maintain and publish its own unique registry would be the most appropriate strategy. In this instance, a parent company may have marketing websites for brands A and B, with a registry at patent.branda.com only listing Brand A products and a separate registry at patents.brandb.com listing Brand B products.

For this approach, it is recommended that a single database be used by the parent company to manage and publish all virtual marking registries rather than trying to maintain two or more separate registries independently.

In some cases, the parent company may additionally publish an all-encompassing registry at patent.parent.com that includes products from both Brand A and Brand B. Note, if the patent company’s virtual marking is not affixed to each brands’ products, there would be no notice.

Only the virtual marking affixed to the article will be recognized for giving notice.