How Our Virtual Patent Marking Service Works

Our virtual marking software was specifically designed for corporate counsel and their product teams to track and manage patent-to-product and patent-to-part relationships.  As a result of using our virtual patent marking service, our clients can quickly and effectively implement a virtual patent marking strategy. (We also offer a service just for patent-to-product tracking service if you are not yet ready to implement a virtual marking strategy. )

PatentStatus is the only virtual marking solution that enables you to use your own patent marking (such as or and publish that registry of patent-to-product relationships on your web site. You always control your marking; consumers and competitors visit your branded web site to search your patent marking registry. (Request a demo)


Secure Login For Access From Any Location

Using 256-bit data encryption, you can safely and security access our software from any location, including outside of your corporate or law firm’s secure network to access and manage your virtual marking service.

Our user management and security protocols meet or exceed most bank-level standards for managing usernames and account passwords.

Intuitive Administrative Dashboard

Once logged in, our simple interface gives you quick access to all of your patent, product and part data in our system. You can conduct searches, run reports and quickly browse your database.

Design and Publish A Public Patent Registry On Your Website

With a simple interface, you can design, layout and publish your public registry on your web site (IE: Our site-builder provides you all the tools to quickly and effectively manage your registry.

Complete History & Tracking

Proceed with infringement litigation with confidence when you’ve utilized PatentStatus virtual marking software. Our system tracks every single change in a highly secure, well-documented platform that will enable you to go to court confidently with proper documentation about when you provided public notice.

Complete History Tracking

Bulk Update And Manage Your Patent Portfolio Spreadsheet

Upload a CSV file with all your patent, product and parts from a spreadsheet to quickly manage mass amounts of data or large changes across your entire portfolio in minutes. Create relationships between your patents, models and parts quickly. (Manual entry and data management options also exist)

Bulk Update Your Registry

Useful Reports To Quickly Audit and Evaluate Your Patent Portfolio’s Activity and Value.

Upload in bulk via spreadsheet or manually add each of your models that are connected to a patent. If you already know what the relationships are, you can include that information in your spreadsheet that you upload. If you don’t know those relationships, you can manually add relationships in the software by model or by patent.

Fast Search

Find information in your registry fast so you can update, manage or archive data for your public registry.

Fast and Effective Search


Schedule a demo to see our software in action!

We provide free demonstrations for law firms and corporate clients who are considering implementing a virtual marking strategy. Please request a demo so we can show you why PatentStatus is the fastest, simplest and more cost effective tool available in the market to successfully use virtual marking for your company.

More details available upon request

PatentStatus is cloud-based, which means we are hosted virtually and don’t require you to download any special software to your computer. There are no per-user licensing fees, you’ll never need to install upgrades (we automatically update it) and you don’t have to bug your IT department about getting started. In fact, you’ll only need 5 minutes of your IT or Webmaster’s time to activate your domain address (such as