PatentStatus Makes it Easy to Launch A Virtual Marking Registry On Your Company Web Site

Implementing an effective virtual marking strategy is a smart way to maximize the value of your patent protected products and services. The America Invents Act has created a highly effective means for your corporation to issue public notice and get the maximum damages you deserve from infringers of your intellectual property.

PatentStatus makes it quick and easy for your corporate counsel team to create, manage, and publish an online virtual marking patent registry on your company web site without requiring time and effort by your company IT, marketing or web departments.

Our software was designed by Patent Attorneys with ease of use in mind – and we’re confident if you know how to use email, spreadsheets and simple online forms, you’ll be able to hit the ground running with PatentStatus. In fact, we have clients who have used PatentStatus to set-up and launch a virtual marking patent registry on their site in less than 1 hour.

Why Use PatentStatus?

  1. Law Compliant. Our software is 35 U.S.C. 287 compliant and meets all published USPTO guidelines for what is required of a virtual marking site. We take the responsibility of ensuring that as case law and USPTO directions change, that we quickly update our software to meet those requirements. That means you won’t have to spend time in the future dealing with new legal precedents and litigation related to these evolving standards.
  2. Secure Data & History. We have invested heavily in ensuring that your data will be secure and free from unauthorized users accessing or modifying your registry. Further, we have a complete historical logging system in place that will track any and all changes that is designed. This system has been designed to stand up in court if future litigation requires your company to prove when you gave public notice of patent protection.
  3. Simple to Use. Our software was built for today’s IP practitioner to quickly use without any learning curve. If you can use email, spreadsheets and fill out forms on the Internet, you can use our software immediately.
  4. Branded. Our software enables you to push the public to your corporate URL brand, not an unknown third-party web site. Being able to promote and market your company URL on all your materials, molds and collateral is an important step in building brand loyalty and avoiding any public confusion. You can set up your online registry with a similar look and feel to your company’s existing web site – which should make the marketing department happy too! (For clients who do not want to send the public to your site, we do offer an unbranded option as well.)
  5. IP Practitioner Driven. We are committed to continually improving our software for the needs of our legal practitioner user community. We hold regular meetings with patent attorneys, patent agents and corporate counsel to review how the software works, what features you want added and what functions you want changed to make it easier and faster to use. This software is not built for geeks, but for attorneys who want an effective tool that is simple and convenient to utilize. Every client has the opportunity to participate in – and contribute to – the idea pool to continually improve this software.

Have any other questions?

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